Our goal is to cultivate an incapacity for boredom in the people we interact with.   Engaging the natural world and craft skills to embark on our creative journeys, we gather our materials and make our tools so that we may generate our own means of expression.  The mediums we work with thus become rich with stories and relationship, which we carry forward with curiousity and respect as we learn to use them with skill and grace.

We believe that artistic expression is a universal birthright.  That we all have the capacity for visionary creativity and leadership.  That an ethic of service, stewardship, and caretaking is a key aspect of growing into adolescence and adulthood.  That direct relation with wild nature brings people more fully alive.  That transforming matter to create beautiful and useful things is a powerful process of empowerment, healing, and growth.  That creative expression is a vital part of everyday life, a source of clarity, beauty, respite, and meaning in a complex world.  That creative expression is not just for creating objects to observe or sell, but for living fully as  a human being, part of natural and human community.  That by engaging our creativity in unfettered, spontaneous, meaningful and useful ways, free from the need to create something specific to meet the standards of any judge external or internal, we unlock and develop our confidence, integrity and inherent human capacity to be caretakers of the Earth.  That this cultivates in us skills, capacities, visions, ideas, and creations that are truly meaningful and of service to people, community, the earth, and future generations.  More than just another art project, our creations become bridges between people and the earth which is our home and sustenance, between the stories of the past and the stories that will guide us into a beautiful and life-giving future.  

Founded by Ira Christian, the Young Artists Action League brings together people of all ages committed to youth empowerment through nature connection, creative arts, and community service.  We craft experiences that cultivate creativity, curiosity, responsibility, and an ethic of service through nature based immersion in multi-disciplinary creative arts. 

Our palette includes creative processes like making earthen paints, papers, and inks, harvesting and processing clay for ceramics, harvesting and peparing delicious wild foods, making musical instruments, writing poetry, as well as basic living skills like firemaking, shelter building, animal processing, cooking, basketry, making hunting tools, reading animal track and sign, natural history, and storytelling.