• I pledge that I will live proactively.  I will speak out and take action when I feel a sense of injustice or dissatisfaction with what is happening in my life and world.  
  • I pledge to be aware of how I am affecting the  world around me, to constantly inquire how I can be myself in a way that improves my surroundings.  
  • I pledge that I will live beautifully, leveraging my creative imagination to make my daily recreation, creations, work and relations into unique things of beauty. 
  • I pledge to be a lifelong student of the Wild.   I will regularly take time to attend to the wild in nature that is always surrounding me, and to listen for the voice of all I encounter there.

This pledge will be a simple set of guidelines anyone can commit to.  It will provide both tangible actions that these people can take, and guidelines or principles to hold themselves to.  It will have the potential to inspire and motivate people to take action.  It will also feed into and encourage people to take part in the activities facilitated by YAAL.  It will be a commitment to principles and action.  It will bring people into a sense of involvement and being a part of YAAL without them having to do much of anything really.  Perhaps I will allow access to a blog and craft tips if folks take the pledge?  Its commitments and principles will be applicable in one's internal experience, in their interpersonal/social relations, and in their civic relations.  That is, it will speak to both their personal experience of everyday life and to a broader sense of a just and humane society and world.  

The pledge will relate to engaging the creative potential of everyday life.  It will help shift ones perception of creative expression from a realm of art as cultural product separate from everyday life, to creative expression as a part of daily life.  


The simplest way to get involved with our work is to take our pledge.  This is not a pledge of money, but  a commitment to take on some of our basic principles for an engaged and inspired life.  People of all ages are welcome to take this pledge!

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